Tips On How To Update Your Man Cave Decor!

Tips On How To Update Your Man Cave Decor

For the majority of men that have a significant other to decorate and design their homes, the idea of a man cave is invigorating. Who wouldn’t want their own domain?  A space dedicated only to their passions and interests where what they want in terms of decor is gold. 

Since the idea of a token “man cave” was invented, it has only increased in popularity year over year. The man cave serves as a space where the guys and their friends can hang out, their legs, and relax. Generally, the man cave features more masculine decor than other areas of the house, intending to highlight the “man” of the man cave.
Whether you are someone who already has a man cave in their home or someone that is looking to create a man cave, this is the blog post for you. Read on for tips on how to update your man cave decor!

Make Comfort a Priority 

Because the primary goal of any man cave is to relax, lounge, and entertain, the golden rule of any man cave is comfort. Prioritizing comfort is as easy as focusing on furniture pieces that are *you guessed it* comfortable. Unlike the rest of the house where comfort can take a back seat to style, the name of the game when it comes to your man cave is cozy. So think lots of seating, recliners, a massive sectional, and ottomans perfect for lounging. 
Extra tip: Consider materials or products made of soft leather, synthetic microfiber, or wool for an optimal masculine meets comfort 

Put your passions upfront and center 

Consider what the man of the man cave is passionate about. Is it golf? Football? Music? A particular sports team or band? Whatever it is, you will likely want to make this passion the focal point of the man cave. 
For the die-hard sports fanatic, try hanging sports memorabilia, jerseys, or trophy collections on shelves. For the musician, we recommend hanging or displaying your favorite instrument. The list goes on and on, so feel free to get creative—Google man cave ideas relating to your passion or even check Pinterest for inspiration.

Create a bar space

No great man cave is truly complete without a home bar.  Often a man cave is utilized equally as much for entertaining, so a home bar is crucial. The bar space doesn’t have to be massive or an actual bar. However, that is great if an option, but a home bar can also be a bar cart or shelves dedicated to your beloved spirits. 
If you are a passionate mixologist, feel free to go all out here. You can also choose to keep it simple with a refrigerator and counter setup. ,
If you need more help creating the perfect bar space, check out our Guide on the Perfect Home Bar decor Setup HERE

Add Entertainment and Games 

Besides a bar setup, entertainment is crucial to the optimal man cave setup. Think through what games that you enjoy and invest in a few good pieces. We love the look of a retro pinball machine, darts, or even a pool table if you have the space. 

If you are a fan of board games or card games, make sure to add those in as well!

Mount a flat-screen 

For the weekly movie night, Sunday Football game, or even the nightly video game session, flat-screen television is the cherry that pulls the entire man cave together. If you prefer installing a large flat screen, go for it. However, you also have other options like retractable screens and a projector. Either option is an excellent way for you to enjoy your favorite movie or game. 

Select the right signs 

Now that you have comfortable lounge-worthy furniture, entertainment, excellent libations, and entertainment, you can now focus on the remaining man cave decor. Nothing says man cave like the right sign, but make sure you look for certain qualities when selecting your sign(s). Look for signs that are made from aluminum instead of tin. Avoid tin signs as they are generally considered weak and will likely rust or crack relatively quickly! 
The Lizton Shop signs are made from high-quality heavy .040 aluminum to hefty .063 aluminum. Further, the smallest sign we offer for each shape is heavy .040 aluminum, and all larger sizes are made with sturdy .063 aluminum. They will last for years and years both indoors and outdoors. All signs have predrilled holes and rounded corners to make each sign easy to mount. 
Here are a few of our favorites below! 

For the outdoorsmen:


For the sports fanatic:

For the one who can’t get enough of the slopes: 

For the guy who loves his car: 

For the musician:


For the man who loves personalization 

For the father and son man cave:

For the man who enjoys an ice-cold beverage:

Voila! Our favorite tips on how to update your man cave decor! Although this guide doesn’t include the hundreds to thousands of ways to update your man cave decor, we hope that it is a starting point for you in your journey to your grand man cave. 
We want to assist you during every step of the sign selection process, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have, and if you don’t see a sign that you love, we can help create one specific to your needs. 
As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us or check out our other sign categories here! We would also love for you to engage with us on social media! Please find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram
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