Qualities Of A Good Décor Sign

Décor signs are an excellent way to show off your personality, celebrate your favorite holiday, and make fantastic gifts for the person that already has everything. However, it is important to flag that not all décor signs are created equally.

In order to avoid wasting money, time, or having to replace signs often, there are a few details that you need to keep in mind when searching for a décor sign.

Our team is now experts at discerning between a good décor sign and a poor one through years of research, trial, and error. Today, we will share our knowledge with you and give you all of the qualities of a good décor sign to keep in mind, from the importance of buying from a quality company to the materials used for manufacturing.

We are here to share our recommendations so you can rest easy knowing you did your due diligence and are an informed buyer.

Let's dive in!

Is the Company You Purchase From Trustworthy?

First things first, when considering the qualities of a good décor sign, you will need to consider the company you are buying from.

Do they have happy customers? Are they credible? Do you feel that they are trustworthy?

These are all questions to keep top of mind when going through the thousands of websites looking for a good décor sign for your home.

When in doubt, read reviews! This is an excellent way to get a feel for the company, the quality of the sign, and the overall experience you can expect.

For The Lizton Sign Shop you can even check out our social hashtag #liztonsignshop to see how happy our customers are about their quality décor signs from us! 

The Perks Of Décor Signs That Comes From A Family-Owned Company

This may not be important to every shopper, but it is undoubtedly essential to most.

We love supporting other small businesses, especially family-owned and operated. We find that it creates a more personal experience that can’t be duplicated!

We are a family-run and operated business. We pride ourselves on creating and maintaining meaningful relationships through both the wholesale and retail venues of our custom street sign business.

  • Our excellent team consists of a husband and wife duo and our two sons. 
  • One son handles marketing, and the other handles the design and order fulfillment!
  • A sister oversees all the inventory and production management, while one of our nephews is the operations director, and his wife covers all the design work for every sign that goes out the door. 
  • A niece’s husband, a sister-in-law, and even my mom and dad work with us as employees. We are truly one big happy family! 

When you give us a call or email us, you will be greeted with kindness and by a human being. This is important to us.

Is Your Décor Sign Locally Made?

If possible, we recommend buying from local companies or vendors.

We tend to see a higher quality of materials when they are locally sourced!  We also love that buying locally gives back to our communities.

Further, manufacturing in the United States means more jobs and high quality of goods, so it is important to consider where your signs are coming from! 

All of our signs are proudly made in the USA in our shop in Lizton, Indiana, and made with locally sourced premium materials produced by people who enjoy what they do. 

Our product speaks for itself, and our local sourcing shows in the finished results. 

Is Your Décor Sign Made Of Quality Materials?

Arguably the most critical aspect to consider when looking at qualities of a good décor sign is the materials that the sign is made of. Look for signs that are made from aluminum instead of tin.

We always recommend that you avoid tin signs as they are generally considered weak and will likely rust or crack relatively quickly. 

The Lizton Shop signs are made from high-quality heavy .040 aluminum to hefty .063 aluminum. Further, the smallest sign we offer for each shape is made of heavy .040 aluminum, and all larger sizes are made with hefty .063 aluminum. They will last for years and years both indoors and outdoors.

Our signs are also designed to be easy to mount with 2 conveniently placed pre-drilled holes for hassle-free mounting and installation.

We put thought and effort into the material and design of our signs so that you can get years of enjoyment out of the signs indoors and outdoors.

Does Your Décor Sign Options Come in a Variety?

Besides considering the materials and where your décor sign is sourced, consider how much variety the company has regarding themes and categories! Preferably, you will want to have many different options to choose from (this helps you avoid buyer's remorse!). 
The Lizton Shop has 14 different sign categories to choose from: animal, car, food & drink, funny, holiday, home, music, political, professional, sports & recreational, vacation & travel, street, store, and parking! 

Check out our entire sign collection here!

If by chance you don't find the perfect sign for you, it’s not a problem!

All our signs are specially made for you. We can customize any color, font, size, etc. Customizing the sign's text is free, but design and color changes will need to be quoted. 

*Generally, there is a $20.00 - $50.00 design and setup fee for design/color changes.

Does Your Décor Sign Come With Great Customer Service?

A good décor sign will also come along with excellent customer service! Unfortunately, issues happen, and it's vital that you can reach out to a person if you run into any problems. 

Consider whether the company your buying from has a customer service line. Does a person answer the phone when you call? When you email, do they respond quickly? Again, read reviews to gather an accurate picture of the company and its customer service. 

The Lizton Sign Shop has been making customer service a priority since its inception. 

If you order from The Lizton Shop, know that you can feel free to contact us with any questions you might have. Our team is here to assist you from start to finish during the entire process of purchasing a décor sign. 

Does The Company Have Experience In Making Quality Décor Signs?

Find a company with extensive experience making décor signs so you can trust that they know what they are doing. 

Starting online in 2002, The Lizton Sign Shop, Inc. has been dedicated to quality Custom Street Signs and excellent customer service for more than a decade.

We have been an industry leader in online sales and distribution of premium quality aluminum novelty street signs. We have sold customized aluminum street signs to more than 190 countries worldwide and all US and Canada.
We have provided high-quality street signs for schools, churches, cities, towns, municipalities, weddings, birthdays, reunions, military worldwide, cook-outs and everyday family life and we would love to provide one to you!

Again, we want to assist you during every step of the process, so please feel free to reach out to us with any questions that you may have. We look forward to serving you.

Feel Free To Contact Us Here! 

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