6 Signs You Caught The Travel Bug!

After over a year of quarantine, closed borders, and the inability to travel, the travel bug is biting, and most of us are itching to travel again.

Whether that be abroad or even a road trip to a state that you’ve never been before, when the travel bug bites, it is difficult to shake the desire for open roads, views from thousands of feet in the sky, and the exhilaration that only comes from experiencing a new place.

But what is the travel bug, and what does it mean to have "caught it"? According to the Macmillan Dictionary, the term Travel bug means A solid desire to travel worldwide. 

If you have felt an unexplainable feeling of restlessness and can’t pinpoint where it stems from, or you are constantly craving opportunities to travel: you may have caught the travel bug! 

Keep scrolling for 6 Signs You Caught the Travel Bug and fun fixes for the interim while you plan for your next big adventure. 


#1. You daydream of the foreign places 

Have you found yourself zoning out during a Zoom call, envisioning far away places and new cuisine? Are you tired of your 9-5, and you've had enough of all the meetings? Are you ready to look out from your window seat and see fluffy clouds floating around you from your Airplane while knowing that you are headed to experience a new city?

Daydreaming of travel is likely the most straightforward example that you have caught the travel bug. When all you can think about and dream about is travel, it may be time to go ahead, take the plunge, and plan your next trip. It may also mean that you are a certified travel bug. 

#2. Your bucket list grows daily

Do you have a list of travel destinations that you absolutely have to see before you die? Do you have a Pinterest board dedicated entirely to pictures of foreign locations, adventurers, and cultures?

If your bucket list only continues to grow, instead of shrink and the list of places you want to visit is endless, well, you may have been bitten by the travel bug. 

Travel bugs can't wait for their next journey. Their desire to travel the world can't be quenched.

#3. You crave the opportunity to immerse in different cultures

Travel bugs aren't afraid to try foreign cuisine, learn new languages, and embrace different cultures. Instead, they crave the opportunity to immerse themselves into new and different cultures. 

They desire the ability to engage with a new language, make new friends, and travel the globe. 

Unlike those who haven't caught the travel bug, a true travel bug is ready at any given time to pack up their belongings and tackle the world.

#4. You religiously check airfare prices

Are you the person who always knows how much a flight to any given country costs at all times?

Do you religiously check airfare prices (we are talking on an hourly basis) and even have a few apps downloaded onto your phone that provide frequent alerts on the cheapest airfare? Do you always have websites like Airbnb or hostels pulled up in your browser? 

Well, you may have been bitten by the travel bug. A true travel bug is always on the hunt for their next flight, even when they are just getting home from their most recent trip. A travel bug can never miss out on a good deal, and given the opportunity (aka a cheap flight!), you will hop on the nearest plane whenever possible.

#5. You work hard so you can travel hard

If you find yourself working hard and prioritizing saving money so that you can travel, you probably caught the travel bug. 

Often, that may mean working a job that you don't love that pays the bills and allows you to put back money every month. Regardless of whether you love your job or not, your true passion is to travel, which is at the forefront of every financial decision you make. 

Putting in the hard work, hours, and dedication now is the means to an end. The "end" is a new adventure, a new country, and the financial freedom to travel.

#6. You are itching to order customizable travel signs!

Have you been searching for customizable travel signs all over the internet or adding location after location to your Pinterest travel board?

You likely have caught the travel bug, and as a travel bug who can't travel at the current moment, you are probably looking for some outlet.


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Truly, travel is a way of life for so many of us. We hope that this post was as much fun for you to read as it was for us to create.

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