Get To Know The Lizton Sign Shop

Our company is proud to be a family owned and operated small business in America’s heartland, Lizton, Indiana. Lizton is about 30 miles west (give or take) of Indianapolis and is a true American small town with just under 500 people living here.

We’ve been in business here for over 20 years and lived here in the community for even longer,  so it was natural to build our business in the place we love so much!

Where We Came From

After years of manual labor in the service industry, our founder felt that it was unlikely that he could physically continue in that line of work until retirement age. At the same time, e-commerce was picking up and gradually he gained experience with doing business online by selling housewares on eBay. 

While selling on eBay, he found other things that he thought, “Hey, I’d like to try making those myself!” Luckily for us, one of those things was signs.

It’s a Sign!

Originally, we made all the signs from wood in our garage, though now our aluminum signs are our pride and joy. 

All our durable, indoor-outdoor signs are designed and made in the USA. We are also proud to source our metal from companies here in the United States and it comes from 97% recycled material. And, because the signs are made from heavy, .040 - .063 aluminum, they won’t rust. 
Our signs have predrilled holes and rounded corners too, so nobody will get scratched trying to hang them on the wall.

Family Owned and Operated

A lot of businesses say they’re family owned and operated, but The Lizton Sign Shop truly is! However, instead of spending too much time talking about the owner and founder of the business, let’s focus on the family-based team we’ve built here.

Our awesome team consists of a husband and wife duo and our two sons (one handles the marketing and one handles design and order fulfillment). A sister oversees all the inventory and production management, while one of our nephews is the operations director and his wife covers all the design work for every sign that goes out the door. A niece’s husband, a sister-in-law, and even my mom and dad work with us as employees.

In addition to family, we have a business partner we know from another company and a whole bunch of other family friends employed at the shop to round out a truly terrific team. Our family and friends are the lifeblood of this company and they’re the reason we continue to see growth year after year.
We love what we do at the shop and it shows in each of our products. We love our customers and try to give a personal touch whenever we can.
Even though our signs are only sold online, we wouldn’t be here without family, friends, or our wonderful customers. We enjoy creating smiles one sign at a time. We’d love for you to engage with us on social media! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Let us create some smiles for you and your family and friends! 

Thank you for letting our family bring joy and laughter through our collection of signs at The Lizton Sign Shop!

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