Best Father's Day Gift Ideas

June is creeping closer and closer, which means it's time to start thinking about what you're going to get for your dad, uncles, or grandfather for Father's Day.

You will not want to miss the opportunity for worthy Father's Day gift ideas either. 

There are always the traditional fallback gifts like (another) tie, watch or wallet, but if you want to really surprise your dad this year, try something unique like The Lizton Sign Shop's durable, long-lasting, American-made aluminum signs!


We realize that similar articles would send you to high tech gadgets or cooking classes or something really flashy.

But, if the men you're shopping for are anything like the ones that we buy Father's Day gifts for, they often buy this kind of thing for themselves before you've had the chance to click "buy now." 

Dad is special, though, and deserves an extra thoughtful Father's Day gift. We're here to help.

Signs for Dads

Find the best Father's Day gift ideas with signs just for dads from The Lizton Sign Shop! 

Whether your dad loves cars, an afternoon of grilling steaks, inviting his buddies over for a drink and to play cards or is an outdoors man, we've got signs for all of them.

And don't forget that you can customize the sign's text for free to create an even more personalized gift for him! 

There's also a few caution signs... in case people should watch out for corny dad jokes or to warn them out of his parking spot.

Does He Love to Barbecue?

Summer is coming and that means barbecues!

Raise the steaks this year with a Grill Master or Grill King parking sign if your dad's the go-to guy for a perfectly grilled steak or burger. 

If a perfect Father's Day for your family includes a barbecue and your dad loves to man the grill, these signs are for him. Check out our other signs for BBQ dads! 
Many of these signs can be customized with your father's name. Simply click the sign you like and enter the customized text before adding it to your cart.

Does He Like To Play?

Not all dads love to stand next to a grill and sweat - or some that do love games even more. Dads come in many forms with a wide variety of tastes.

Whether your dad is the kind that anticipates the new Madden video game every year, spends Friday nights in the rec room with a couple of buddies playing pool or darts - or just loves time in the game room, our signs for the gameroom make an awesome Father's Day present. 

If you're looking for a gift for dads who like games, let him pick the games and send him a sign that proudly proclaims his hobby. 

We've got a great selection of signs to choose from , whether your dad loves video games, ping pong, cards, pool,  darts, or pinball, The Lizton Sign Shop has a sign for him.

For the Car Fanatics

It's not hard to find fathers who are also car enthusiasts! 

Dad will think about you every time he spends time in the garage if you consider signs aligned with his passion for petrol and engines.

We have customizable signs for the garage as well as a variety of car enthusiast signs for specific makes of cars that he might be particularly excited about.


Whether he loves Camaros or Corvettes, Pontiacs, Buicks, or GMs, we have those as well!

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We also have a great collection of signs for aviation fanatics!


Hopefully these help you narrow down your Father's Day gift idea. It also never hurts to offer to help dad wash the car.

Show Him You're Proud of His Profession

Of course you're proud of your dad! That pride is increased though if your father serves in the military, in law enforcement, educational institutions, in the healthcare field or as a firefighter.

Show him how proud you are of his commitment to public safety with one of our signs for his profession; that celebrates his job!

Looking For The Perfect Customizable Sign? Make sure to check out all of our signs here!

Calling the Outdoors Enthusiasts

Surprise the outdoors enthusiast with something special this Father's Day. Whether he's a dad who loves hunting or one who keeps his hiking boots well-worn in, we've got just the right sign to capture your dad's passion for the outdoors.


Signs For Hunting and Signs For Hiking are always a huge favorite during Father's Day season!


If he only hunts bass or trout (likes to go fishing), we have signs for fishing too! 


If none of these are quite right, and you're still looking for a Father's Day gift, remind your father of the camping trips he's taken you on over the years with one of our signs for camping in either a retro or contemporary style.

Prefers the Country Life

Are you shopping for a farmer or gardener this Father's Day? If you ask him what his best Father's Day gifts would be, he'd probably say perfect weather - which might be difficult to provide.

Farmer gifts can be tough to find, but The Lizton Sign Shop is here for you with farmhouse or barn signs to bring a smile to his face whenever he sees them. 


Getting your farming father a special gift means you need to think outside the box. Maybe something personalized that show them how much you appreciate everything he's done for you and the rest of the family.

Looking Forward to a Cold One

Keep your dad in fine spirits this Father's Day with a sign that represents relaxation and good times!

Check out our signs for beer aficionados.



Whether he prefers signs for the bar,  enjoys the fine taste of cigars or loves an evening by the fire with a glass of whiskey,  we've got customizable signs for him to bring that vibe home.


Check out our signs for cigar lovers & signs for whiskey drinkers! 

Cheers to beer, good times and even better memories with The Lizton Sign Shop's signs.

Your pops deserves all the recognition you can show him. For all he's done for you and the family, the best Father's Day gifts are the ones that come from your heart. 

When you show up with a fun gift that's as unique as he is, you'll be sure to put a smile on his face.

If you have any questions about our signs please fill free to contact us here!

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