Why We Are Proud to Provide American Made Signs

Since 2002, The Lizton Sign Shop, Inc. has been dedicated to providing quality aluminum novelty signs. We are proudly based in the heart of the United States in Lizton, Indiana and every sign in our store is made right here in the USA. 

As a family owned and operated business, we are proud of and enjoy the relationships we've built with both our wholesale and retail venues. But the people are only part of the reason we take pride in offering signs made here in the USA. 

Our signs are made of high quality heavy .040 aluminum to very heavy .063 aluminum so they won't rust or crack the way that cheaply made signs like those imported from China will. With an American made aluminum sign, you know that you'll be able to enjoy the signs you buy from us for years to come.

"Buy local so the money stays local." It's a popular saying for a reason. Local businesses hire local employees. Employees buy goods and services in the communities where they live and pay sales tax on them in their local economy as well as income taxes, which help fund local education, infrastructure improvements, and public safety to improve the well-being of everyone in the town where they live.

Provides Jobs for Future Generations

By making sure our signs are made in the US, we're doing our part to ensure there are good jobs available for our children and grandchildren. 

This is especially important in our small towns because, without well-paying jobs, our kids won't be able to build a life for themselves or provide for their families without moving to bigger cities.

At The Lizton Sign Shop, we are happy to know that we're generating demand for American manufacturing, which helps create more local jobs in other communities as well.

As more jobs are created, more dollars are put back into the local economy - definitely a cycle we can get behind!

Better for the Environment

As the owners of a business in the US and working with an American sign company, we're also contributing to a cleaner environment for us as well as future generations. Because our signs originate right here in the US, fewer fossil fuels are used in transporting them. 

Also, neighborhoods with more local businesses tend to drive less, which further reduces our dependence on fossil fuels.

By working with a US sign company, we're also ensuring that US environmental regulations are being followed. This results in less habitat destruction and pollution than they might be if they were made overseas.

Also, when you purchase one of our signs, you're buying a high quality, durable product that will hold up for years to come. Plastic or lower-grade metal signs can crack with age or develop rust spots, which just adds to our landfills since they often can't be recycled. You won't have that problem with our first-rate American made signs!

Guaranteed Safer and Fair Working Conditions

Providing US-based products ensures that the sign you buy was made in a workplace that observes OSHA's regulations for safe working conditions. You have peace of mind knowing that the controls and regulations that keep you safe at work are keeping the people who made your sign safe too.

Not all countries have the same level of health and safety protections. 

Buying from a sign company that imports their products may contribute to unsafe working conditions for thousands of workers in that country. 
Also, many countries do not have a minimum wage law. Purchasing cheap items made in other countries can support a platform where workers aren't given fair treatment or may even use child labor in manufacturing.

Distributing American made signs demonstrates that we support good working conditions for all US workers as well as a fair day's wage for an honest day's work. When a sign is made in the USA, federal and local governments can ensure minimum wages are paid and that US Labor Laws are followed. If we imported our signs, we just wouldn't have that level of transparency and likely wouldn't know whether or not they were being made in sweatshops.

Because our company provides products manufactured in the United States, we're taking a stand that all workers deserve to have safe working conditions and receive fair payment for the work that they do.

Locally owned businesses help create prosperous communities. When we ensure our signs are made locally, more of our money - and more of yours - is cycled back into small, local economies to make purchases from our friends' businesses and to help our neighbors in need. 

We know that ultimately, we're doing our part to strengthen America's heartland. That is why The Lizton Sign Shop is proud to have American made signs for you!

For patriotic folks out there that want to show off their American pride, be sure to check out our American Signs at The Lizton Sign Shop.