Sign Ideas for Your Lake House

Your lake house is designed to be your personal oasis away from the chaos we drown in on a daily basis. It’s a place for you, your family, and your friends to kick back and enjoy the good views, beautiful scenery, and calm environment. It’s what we all need from time to time.
Whether you spend a few days, a week, a month, or half the year at your lake house, it should be properly decorated with unique, memorable, eye-catching decor that gives your space character and personality. Without amazing decor, your lake house will never be complete!

Unique Metal Sign Ideas for Your Lake House

At Lizton Sign Shop, we understand how important your lake house is to you and your family. We’re dedicated to helping you make the most of your space with quality metal signs designed for every occasion, environment, setting, and theme – including vacation and travel homes.
Even if you’re just renting out a lake house for the weekend or for the month, our metal signs can help make you feel a little more at home during your stay. They can give you the look and feel of a true lake house – all you need to do is pack it up when your vacation comes to an end.
If you’re interested in seeing what Lizton Sign Shop has to offer for your lake house, don’t worry – we’re going to share with you some of our best sellers and personal favorites available today.

Boat Rides Vertical Sign

There’s nothing more exciting, yet relaxing at the same time than a casual boat ride through your lake – whether it’s a big boat or a paddle boat. With this sign, you can even customize the name of the Lake on the bottom of the sign – giving it a more personal attachment to you.

Life Is Better At the Lake House Sign

Let’s be honest, there’s something so freeing about leaving all your worries at home and taking a vacation to your lake house. Life truly is better at the lake house and you can let all your guests know with this wonderful little sign. Don’t forget to customize it to your personal liking!

Lakeside Trail Arrow Sign

If you have a scenic little lakeside trail that you want to show off to your guests, this is the perfect sign for you. It’ll point them in the right direction and serve as the starting point to what awaits. If your lake has a specific name, then you can add it to the bottom of the sign!

Old Town Canoes Sign

Although it requires more of a workout than a normal boat, there’s something so satisfying about taking the canoe out on the lake. Don’t worry, you don’t actually need to have canoes for sale if you plan on hanging this sign in your lake house – but hey, there’s nothing stopping you, either.

Lake Love Sign

We’ve all heard of the saying, “love you to the moon and back,” but we’ve got an even better, more-fitting one, “love you to the lake and back.” This sign is a great way to show your love to your significant other or family member. After all, the lake house is where love prospers.

Lake Directional Sign

Having a lake house brings a wide range of benefits. Fishing, hiking, boating, tubing, swimming, and so much more are at your disposal when you like on or near a lake. And you can show your lake off in style with this beautiful sign, which highlights some of the activities available.

Adventure Awaits Lake House Sign

What happens at the lake house stays at the lake house. You never know what type of crazy fun awaits at the lake house, but you know it’s always bound to be a fun adventure for everyone involved. It’ll be filled with memories, laughs, good times, good spirits, and spontaneity.

Happy Place Lake House Sign

We all have a happy place, or at least we all should. For those that are lucky enough to own a lake house, you have all the happy place you need. Anytime you need a break from the daily grind we call life, your lake house is just one small trip away and it’s always calling your name.

Home Is Where the Boat Is Sign

Let’s be honest with ourselves, is it truly a home if there’s no boat involved? A home without a boat isn’t much of a home, which is why a lake house holds an advantage over any other type of home out there. If you’re lucky enough to have one, make sure you don’t take it for granted!

Funny Boat Sign

We all have funny stories about docking the boat, but they’re usually only funny after the fact. With that said, it’s far-too-common for naughty words to slip out in the heat of the moment. We’re all guilty of it and there’s no avoiding it, so it’s best to just apologize for it all now!

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